Focus On: Wires 2022

Quality wires are a smart investment for orthodontic practices, helping to move teeth efficiently and prevent needing replacements. Here are 8 options for wires in 2022.

GLDT Duraloy Wire

Duraloy Chrome-Cobalt
Duraloy Chrome-Cobalt Wire from Great Lakes Dental Technologies is longer functioning as a resilient spring wire without distortion or fatigue, soldered easily without annealing, and can be treated to create greater strength.

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Pitts Archform Broad 1

Pitts Broad Plus Expand Early Archwires
The Pitts Broad Plus Expand Early Archwires provide a boost of active early widening of the entire arch (including the molars) with extremely light forces. It’s now possible to save appointment time in treatment for width enhancement. The full suite of wires are available in nickel titanium, thermal activated, ultra soft, beta titanium, and stainless steel.

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white niti

White Coated Niti or SS Wire
Our White Niti or SS wire is top of the line, and an excellent choice for clear bracket patients. Available in all wire sizes at a competitive price.

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Tanzo Premium Heat Activated Wire
Tanzo copper nickel titanium wire delivers consistent unloading forces to allow controlled tooth movement for predictable results. Tanzo features excellent resistance to permanent deformation and its resiliency can lead to fewer wire changes. Tanzo is manufactured using a proprietary tumbling process for a smooth polished surface which helps deter bio-debris accumulation.

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Gold Penta Twist Wire

Gold Penta Twist Wire
Bright Gold Penta Twist Wire, 6-strand .0215 is perfect for creating Bonded Lingual Retainers for retention. Aesthetically pleasing, gold coating will not chip or flake. Each package contains 5 14-inch pieces. Also available on .0155, .0175, and .0195.

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Nanda bogen BT3 Intrusiontrans

Nanda BT3 Beta Titanium
Developed with professor Dr Ravindra Nanda, the NBT3 archwires are the latest generation of Beta Titanium archwires and are designed for middle to finishing stages of treatment. The Ni-Free wire has 60-65% less modules of elasticity compared to steel archwires, providing twice the working range. It is designed to deliver superior formability for intricate bending.

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Gen 2.0 Smartwire

InBrace Smartwire
The InBrace Smartwires are programmed with Gentleforce technology to predictably move teeth in all 6 degrees of freedom on autopilot from day 1 in treatment using gentle, continuous forces through programmed non-sliding mechanics. The Smartwire Intelligent Programmed Loops deliver the stored energy and allow for patients to floss normally.

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Orthonol A07056

Orthonol Superelastic NiTi
Made of nickel titanium (NiTi) alloy, Orthonol produces outstanding shape memory and delivers moderate forces throughout its superelastic phase. Available in both straight lengths and preformed arch shapes, the continuous force levels and shape memory are ideal for leveling and aligning stages of treatment, and in coil spring form.

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