Focus On: Instruments 2022

Having a high quality set of instruments is an invaluable investment for an orthodontic practice. Here are 15 options for instruments in 2022.


X7 Orthodontic Instruments
Precision manufactured with US and/or German stainless steel, X7 instruments are hand-crafted through 80% of the process and undergo stringent quality control for consistent performance and reliability. They feature a shadow satin, minimal-glare finish and contoured joint area corners for slim-line look and feel.

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Clear Collection Instruments for Clear Aligners
HuFriedyGroup Clear Collection Instruments for clear aligners consist of ten instruments designed to accent, individualize, and optimize the biomechanics of the aligner experience with no heat required.

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Razor Premium Cutters
Premium cutting instruments that will stay sharp and cut ligatures and archwires up to .022″ x .028″.

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Olympus Instruments
Manufactured from high grade German stainless steel and hand formed to perfection. The flawless finish resists staining and corrosion. The exclusive flush screw joint provides smooth action without locking up or squeaking while in use. Tip inserts manufactured from super hard T-12 stainless steel allowing for very precise cuts.

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Angled 3 Prong Pliers Set
This upper and lower set of 3 prong pliers are perfect for intraoral adjustments of a multitude of fixed orthodontic appliances like any space maintainer, lingual arch, Groper appliance, quad-helix, Wilson 3D Appliances and more.

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Beck Premium Cutters & Mathieus
For over 60 years, Beck Instruments has been in the business of manufacturing and supplying imported and domestic dental instruments. The company has never wavered from their goal to remain focused on the quality of their products and their commitment to keeping Beck Instruments at the forefront of innovation.

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T-Class Flush Cut Distal End Cutter
The T-Class Flush Cut Distal End Cutter is made of German steel with a lifetime warranty. The T-Class will cut and hold your heaviest SS and TMA wire with ease.

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Great Lakes Dental Tech

Smartphone Dental Light
The Smartphone Dental Light (SDL) is designed to evenly illuminate the mouth for all typical standard dental photos and makes it very easy to capture a photo and immediately interact with the patient to review the photos. Works with any smartphone. Best results achieved with newer model phones with multiple cameras.

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Imperial Series II Pliers
Imperial Series Pliers use the finest surgical grade SS as well as an advanced alloy for the inserted tips. The Imperial Series Pliers warranty is comprehensive and the product line features 40 items.

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A-line Aligner Pliers
Gestenco offers a complete line of 4 pliers making all the necessary holes, indents and bumps needed for the fulfillment of aligner treatment. Contact Gestenco for U.S. distribution.

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Ortho-Plier Sharpening and Repair
Precision Plier Service, a family owned company, is trusted by the world’s top ortho-plier brands for premium quality, long-lasting orthodontic instrument sharpening and repair. A free mailing label is available through the company website.

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Ixion Instruments

Ixion instruments are constructed with the highest grade steel, box joint integrity, precision cutting blades, and a streamlined design that is both ergonomic and well balanced. Ixion instruments come with a comprehensive 7-year manufacturer’s warranty along with full-service support to extend reliability.

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Schweickhardt Instruments
Schweickhardt line of premium quality orthodontic instruments through RMO include inserted and non-inserted pliers, band seating instruments, band contouring instruments, utility pliers, wire-bending pliers, cutters, ligation pliers, band removal/bracket removal, scalers, and specialized instruments.

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Luno Ceramic Debond Tool
The Luno Debond Tool is specifically designed to debond many ceramic or aesthetic brackets due to its patented adjustable tip. The Luno Debond Tool retains the bracket upon debond from the tooth surface and removes Empower 2 Clear brackets while leaving the archwire intact. It does not require any removal of flash prior to debond.

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