Focus On: Clear Aligner Systems

New clear aligner systems continue to hit the market, bringing new innovations to the treatment modality. Here are 14 aligners currently on the market.

AOA SimpliFiAOA SimpliFi


Simpli5, from Allesee Orthodontic Appliances AOA, is an alternative for cases involving minor to intermediate anterior crowding or spacing and for orthodontic relapse cases. It’s available in five trays, single or dual arch options, with two free refinements.

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Inman rotated 1Inman rotated 1

Inman Digital Clear Aligners (DCAs)

DCAs, from Inman Orthodontic Laboratories Inc, are digitally designed clear aligners fabricated with automation to guarantee consistent fit and results. The FDA 510k compliant aligners are both affordable and effective. DCAs complement Inman Aligner treatment using the Inman for large movements and DCAs for smaller and refinement corrections.

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Clear Moves

Designed exclusively for correcting minor to intermediate crowding, spacing or post-ortho relapse, SML Clear Moves, from SML Space Maintainers Laboratories, utilizes a series of clear flexible trays (up to five trays per arch, depending upon case type and specifics) to align the anterior dentition (lateral to lateral only). Each custom tray is clearly labeled in successive order and changed every 2 to 3 weeks until treatment is completed. Includes IPR analysis.

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Refine Complete Aligner System

The Refine Complete Aligner System, from TP Orthodontics, addresses end-to-end treatment challenges, such as posterior open bite commonly seen in aligner patients. Treatment options are designed for flexibility, and each case includes your choice of a custom or semi-custom finishing appliance. No advanced training is required; cases can be easily submitted through TPRX.

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Align TechnologyAlign Technology

Invisalign Clear Aligner

The Invisalign clear aligner system, from Align Technology, straightens teeth and treats malocclusions with a series of custom-made, removable, clear aligners. Invisalign treatment combines cutting-edge virtual modeling software, the world’s largest 3D manufacturing operation, and patented SmartTrack aligner material designed to deliver more gentle, constant force to improve control of tooth movements.

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3D Predict3D Predict

3D Predict AI-Driven Aligners

3D Predict is revolutionizing aligner technology using proprietary, patented Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and Deep CBCT Analysis. These cutting-edge technologies allow 3D Predict to treat patients more predictably, more quickly and more safely with uncompromised clinical outcomes and increased profitability.

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Henry Schein OrthoHenry Schein Ortho

Reveal Clear Aligners

Reveal Clear Aligners, from Henry Schein Orthodontics, is a crystal clear and precision-fit aligner offering exceptional tooth-specific control with fewer needed attachments. Designed for the full range of minor, moderate, and complex cases—Reveal offers numerous workflow and treatment efficiencies, and is backed by the experience, service, and support of Henry Schein.

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uSmile Clear Aligners

uSmile clear aligners, from uLab Systems, are made in the USA using Zendura FLX. Delivered in 3 to 10 business days in packaging with your brand. Choose a straight or scalloped trimline. The anti-glare, satin finish is virtually invisible when worn. Pay-per-aligner pricing makes combination treatment and finishing with aligners feasible.

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Specialty AppliancesSpecialty Appliances

Clear Image Aligners

Clear Image, from Specialty Appliances, is the ideal choice for treating patients needing minor to moderate tooth corrections. With over 15 years of aligner experience, technicians are trained to treatment-plan for best outcomes using the top software options on the market. Knowledgeable customer support work to ensure doctors are completely satisfied with aligner set-ups.

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OrthoClear DenMatOrthoClear DenMat

OrthoClear Aligners

OrthoClear, from DenMat Group, is the aesthetic, comfortable, BPA FREE, stain and impact resistant aligner with sustained force retention and better surface contact. It is ideal for diastemas, midline shift, rotated, crowded or blocked out teeth, open, cross, deep and edge-to-edge bites, overjet, curve of Spee, distalization and mesialization of posterior teeth accurately.

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SmileShare Clear Aligners

SmileShare, from DynaFlex, offers ultra-premium clear aligners, teamed up with state-of-the-art treatment review and case management software. Fabricated from DynaFlex’s proprietary Glacier thermo-form material, SmileShare clear aligners are crystal clear, durable, and support precise and healthy tooth movement. Its intuitive prescription, hands-on editing features, and instant revision process give the doctor ultimate control and results they and their patients will love.

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Great LakesGreat Lakes

Smart Moves Clear Aligners

Smart Moves clear aligners, from Great Lakes Dental Technologies, are designed for full arch treatment and managed through a cloud-based software platform. Smart Moves aligners are manufactured in the United States and supported by U.S. based technicians, integrating realistic aligner treatment plans with sophisticated 3D software, and compatible with any intraoral scanner. Great Lakes predictability index provides baseline case outcomes.

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OrthoFX Clear Aligners

OrthoFX, the all-in-one clear aligner solution, features a unique and innovative polymer and business model. High performance aligners: 85% of patients finish with zero or one refinement. System features 100% patient approval with FXPay financing and remote monitoring. Bright and Rescue Aligners also now available.

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3M Clarity Aligners Flex + Force

Inspired by orthodontists, 3M Clarity Aligners Flex + Force offers two unique aligner materials that work in one integrated workflow to customize your patient’s treatment. The new Clarity Aligners Flex material complements the existing Clarity Aligners Force material by incorporating desirable aligner characteristics that enable orthodontists to tailor treatment.

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