The Science Behind Orthodontic Correction

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on correcting misaligned teeth and jaws to improve both function and appearance. The science behind orthodontic correction involves understanding the principles of tooth movement and how various orthodontic appliances work to achieve the desired results.

The Science Behind Orthodontic Correction

How Teeth Move

Teeth move in response to pressure placed on them. When force is applied to a tooth the bone surrounding the tooth is resorbed on one side and deposited on the other allowing the tooth to move in the desired direction. This process is known as bone remodeling and is key to the success of orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic Appliances

There are several types of orthodontic appliances that can be used to move teeth into the correct position –

  • Braces – Traditional metal braces use brackets and wires to apply pressure to the teeth and move them into alignment.
  • Clear aligners – Clear aligners are custom made plastic trays that are worn over the teeth to gradually shift them into the desired position.
  • Retainers – Retainers are used after braces or aligner treatment to maintain the new position of the teeth.

The Science Behind Orthodontic Correction

The Role of Orthodontists

Orthodontists are trained specialists who design and oversee orthodontic treatment plans. They consider factors such as the patient’s age dental health and the severity of misalignment when creating a personalized treatment plan.

The Ideal Timing for Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is typically recommended during childhood or adolescence when the jaw is still growing and teeth are easier to move. However adults can also benefit from orthodontic treatment although the process may take longer due to the density of adult bone.

Orthodontic Research and Innovations

Advances in orthodontic technology have led to new treatment options that are more efficient and comfortable for patients. For example self ligating braces use a special bracket design that requires fewer adjustments and reduces treatment time.

The Science Behind Orthodontic Correction

Orthodontic correction is a science based approach to straightening teeth and improving oral health. By understanding the principles of tooth movement and the role of orthodontic appliances orthodontists are able to design personalized treatment plans that achieve optimal results for their patients.

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